Local Equality Action Plans
On this page, you can find Local Equality Actions Plans (LEAPs) prepared in each project partner city in the scope of Women Friendly Cities project.

Local Ownership, Dialogue and Participation: Local Equality Action Plans (LEAP)

Local Equality Action Plans are the key documents prepared to set the roadmap which should be followed to ensure equality of women and men at local level and to strengthen women’s status. Local Equality Action Plans are prepared in six headings (education, health, employment, participation in management mechanisms, violence against women and urban services) in accordance with CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women) and other national/ international plans and documents. LEAPs are drafted with the participation of all stakeholders and they serve as a key document describing the responsibilities and required collaboration of local administrations, provincial organizations, governorship, special provincial administration as well as civil society of the cities to ensure the gender equality on local level.

The most important characteristic that makes LEAPs realistic, feasible and result-oriented is that these action plans are being prepared in a “participatory” approach. In accordance with this process, we ensure that all of the relevant stakeholders (governorships, municipalities, special provincial administrations, provincial directorates, development agencies, women’s civil society organizations, universities, professional organizations and the private sector) come together with the workshops and trainings organized as part of the Women Friendly Cities Programme, and that they determine their own duties and authority by discussing the problems and the needs of the women in that city together.

As a result of these activities (with the joint efforts and contributions of all stakeholders) the LEAPs communicate the realities and needs of women in their particular city in relation to their participation in the local decision-making mechanisms, urban services, combating violence against women, economic empowerment and labour force, educational services and health services as well as the duties and the obligations that need to be fulfilled by the institutions.

On account of the LEAPs, the principle of gender equality becomes an institutional goal and is owned by the institutions. This endeavour not only improves the cooperation among local stakeholders and embraces their mutual dialogue, but it also makes partnerships among different institutions possible.

Local Equality Action Plans on City Basis

You can download the Local Equality Action Plans (LEAPs) prepared on city basis from the link below. (Linked document contents are in Turkish)

You can download a sample Local Equality Action Plan (LEAP) in English from the link below.

Gaziantep (LEAP - English)